In a jubilant tribute to ingenuity and innovation, the 2024 Technology Excellence Awards, orchestrated by the esteemed Damsole organization, illuminated the grandeur of the Tourism Board Hall in Kathmandu, Nepal. A constellation of luminaries graced the event, from titans of industry to scientific trailblazers, vibrant youths, and esteemed Vice Chancellors representing diverse universities, collectively shining a spotlight on the zenith of technological achievement.

The Chief Guest, former Deputy Prime Minister of Nepal, Ms. Sujata Koirala, imparted wisdom on the pivotal role of technological progress in sculpting Nepal’s future and beyond. Standing alongside her, the Guest of Honour, Dr. Rinchen Chophel, Vice Chairman of the UN CRC committee, delivered a global perspective on technology’s indispensable role in advancing human rights and welfare, imbuing the occasion with profound significance.

Among the evening’s pinnacle moments was the recognition of 30 distinguished awardees, drawn from a tapestry of eight nations, each lauded for their paradigm-shifting contributions to the tech domain. Notable among them was St. Joseph’s Secondary School, honored with the prestigious “Best School of the Year Award 2024”. This esteemed recognition was graciously received by Mrs. Aman Sitoula and Mr. Rohit Jung Thapaliya, representing the tireless dedication and innovative vision of the school’s administration and faculty.

Their commitment to educational excellence, combined with innovative approaches to integrating technology into the learning environment, has set a benchmark for educational institutions worldwide.

The presence of Vice Chancellors from prestigious universities underscored the imperative of academic synergy in propelling technological evolution, while the enthusiastic participation of scientists and youths symbolized the vibrant tapestry of the tech landscape, brimming with untapped potential and avenues for growth.

As the final curtains descended on this majestic ode to technological excellence, it was palpable that the ethos of innovation and collaboration would persist, propelling humanity towards a future illuminated by the radiance of boundless technological ingenuity.

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